What Have You Been Committed To In 2022?

Allow your heart to open as you listen to what I am so thankful for in 2022. Allow my gratitude to ripple into your world as you go into a state of thankfulness for what you’ve been committed to, knowingly or not.

In the spirit of creating the whole of your reality, you’ve been committed to whatever has turned up in your life…..and if you can be in acceptance for the all of it, you are already free.

Happy New Year dear friends. Thank you for listening to this podcast the past year, thank you for all your generous feedback and for sharing this podcast to your family and friends. To those who listened and were pulled to join me in coaching, I am beyond grateful for our partnership and for what has unfolded in your life.


The 9 week on-line Meditation Program commencing with the theme ‘Authenticity is Profitable’ (and going into deeper places than you’ve gone before with this premise).

When I was facilitating a Retreat in Kenya in November, I had a huge conviction run through me about the immense gratitude I have for the various forms of meditation practices I engage with. All my most significant and life changing experiences have occurred as a result of meditation. This conviction demanded that I no longer make meditation negotiable with clients and that if I did, I’d be out of integrity with this practice that has given me so much.

A few weeks ago I saw how I could play my part in having more and more people experience the life changing value of meditation.

Introducing a new 9 Week Meditation Series, the first themed ‘Authenticity is Profitable’ commencing 30 January 2023.

This 9 Week container will have participants directly experience that Love has bigger plans in 2023 than the plans they’ve made for themselves. The Intuitive Pull Podcast would not be here had it not been for what I heard in meditation and I am so grateful.

This 9 Week Meditation Program will deliver a carefully curated guided meditation every week for 9 weeks and also include 5 group calls on Zoom to capture the magic that’s unfolding for participants.

This program will not be made available through the Podcast. This experience will only be available to those who commit to this program.

Details of this 9 week program commencing 30 January 2023 can be found here. https://giselegambi.com.au/9-week-meditation-series/

You will be able to enrol directly through the website. There is an early bird discount for those who commit before 31 December 2022.

And for every person you successfully refer, I’ll refund you 25% of your fee. At the very best, should you take advantage of the early bird fee and successfully refer four people, you’ll pay nothing for this program.

To enrol and receive the early bird discount please go here https://giselegambi.com.au/9-week-meditation-series/

I look forward to you directly experiencing that Love has bigger plans for you than the plans you’ve made for yourself.


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