Clients share their stories

Nat Simes

There are moments in life that you can pinpoint as changing the trajectory of your future. For me, that was a long weekend in June 2015 when I had my first call with Gisele. 

That call would change my life. 

I’ve had the privilege of working with Gisele across 4 years since 2015. She is not only now an amazing mentor, but a trusted and loved member of our family. 

When it comes to choosing a business and life coach, the attraction can be to choose someone who makes grand promises of financial abundance. For me, that was certainly something I was hoping to achieve by working with Gisele. 

I had a misguided belief that financial abundance was what I needed to feel complete, to be valued and to be worthy of my family. I can honestly say though, hand on heart, that although I was financially rewarded, the abundance I gained in all other areas of my life is something that I value far more than financial success.

Through my work with Gisele, I have developed significantly deeper relationships, most importantly, the relationship that I have with myself. The flow on from this improved relationship has touched all corners of my life in the most magical ways. 

Although the past few years have delivered times of deep sadness for my family, including a much-loved family member passing in 2020 after an 18 month battle with Motor Neurone Disease, our experience has not been one of chaos. Instead, it has been a time of deepening connections, of truly feeling all emotions, and of freedom. 

Freedom from limiting beliefs about your value and worth, and freedom from beliefs about how you should experience illness. I am so grateful for Gisele’s guidance and insight, in what could have very easily been a time of great turmoil. There are not enough words to express my gratitude to Gisele for all that she has allowed me to see in myself. 

There really is so much to be gained from revealing your true self to the world. Not only for you, but the overflow to your family who are then given permission to be exactly who they were always meant to be.

Suzie De Jonge

It is with so much love and joy that I reflect on my time of coaching with Gisele and the life-changing outcomes that have ensued as a result. When I came into contact again with Gisele in mid-2020, it was as a result of me seeing a Facebook post she had put up that just struck a chord with me. The premise of that post was aimed at people who knew they were here to do something special in the world, that they had a role to play in making change, but they didn’t think they were enough in some way or they were lost. I commented on it to the effect of, ‘I feel like you have written this about me’ and from there we reconnected.

The first time I worked with Gisele some years back was in a business capacity. This time, however, it had nothing to do with business, it was all about ‘me’. Since our previous time working together I had gone through loss and grief, the breakdown of my long-term relationship and had let my business go as it was no longer bringing me happiness. I felt lost, like a leaf in the wind, directionless, scared, unable to see or get excited about the future and thought I was probably headed into a depression, if I wasn’t already there.

I knew I had reached out to her for a reason, that I needed some sort of lifeline, someone to gently hold me while I worked my way through whatever the hell was going on for me. Gisele suggested that we spend a few months together, no agenda, not about any business or future outcome, but just ‘being’, sifting through the ‘stuff’ that was hanging heavily over my head and heart. And so, we did just that… no agenda. Part of the process of our working together allowed me to pour out all the emotions that I was experiencing, from my heart and soul, with her gentle reflections and incredibly accurate intuition, and to help me with that I started writing it all down. Again, no agenda, just to be able to purge and release.

As our 3 months together was drawing to a close I realised I needed more of her guidance, there was more to uncover, so I extended our time to 12 months. As a result, the writing that was just ‘for me’ began to grow and morph into more. As I let go of the blame, judgements and guilt that I had carried around for most of my life with her help, the shedding of my heavy coat of personal beliefs about myself and others allowed me to see my why I was ‘stuck’ in the place I was at. I knew that there were others who could identify with what I was experiencing, and so the vision arrived to interview people around me and add their voices to the conversation. As a result, that writing, again ‘just for me’, has since become a published book called The Untangling. 

Following from the book that never knew it was going to be written let alone published, I have just been involved in having more of my writing included in a group collaboration which has also just been published by The Kind Press called ‘Unity’. In addition to that, I have just finished my second book ready for editing, have launched a podcast called The Untangling and am currently co-writing a screen play based on my book. Whoever knew I was capable of doing this or that this was possible for me. Somehow I think Gisele knew! I have been given the precious gift of reconnecting with my ‘why’ and now I can pay that forward and I know it is only just the beginning of this amazing journey for me.

Gisele has taught me so much about myself and others and my place in the world. I look at life through a different set of eyes now. I am finally at peace with myself and excited again about the future. My relationships have transformed 180 degrees. I am in awe of her wisdom, her bravery, her vision of what is possible and most of all, how she held me so gently along the way. I have also gained a lifelong friend, one who has quite simply changed my life. I hope that others can experience what I have with Gisele, and that they don’t wait for as long as I did – life is simply too short and too precious. Forever grateful.

Vania Contreas

When it was time to complete my experience in Mastermind The Catalysts Mastermind I felt so full of myself. I laugh to consider this phrase that was an insult in my youth is the state I joyfully revel in today. The decision to complete this wildly supportive and rewarding experience was a difficult one, as difficult as the decision to begin it, but just as inevitable.

The date was February 14, 2019, and coincidently (or not) I found myself out of love with my life, my work, myself, and on the phone with Gisele. When the offer for coaching arose, I was both happy and terrified as I considered my haemorrhaging bank account. I trusted my guts and accepted this for myself, both feet in but crying in anguish for the surrender I had allowed.
Determined to see the growth and change in my life, I gave myself over to the process and radical change came into my life in a matter of months that permeated all intersections of my life, personally and professionally. My process felt like a series of observing and opening, watching current thoughts and opening to the wisdom of these creations. The knowledge that I created all of this with love and wisdom, and therefore can choose again, was revelatory and became my solemn mantra.
This work has been a revelatory and immersive experience, and one that has paid me back in ways that are both measurable and immeasurable. While my business continues to grow, achieving more than I had anticipated, I realise it is merely the carnival prize for a greater awareness that has bubbled within me. Today, my services are booked out several months in advance, and that is even after I have culled my client list, increased my rates and specialised my offerings. Quite an outcome considering the nature of freelancing combined with the current state of global affairs.
It has been my honour to participate and grow from this process and perpetuate this love and knowledge into my world. With thanks and gratitude to Gisele for being such a trusted companion on the journey.

Freelance 3d Spatial Designer

Alana Mai Mitchell

Results Coach

In 2015 before I worked with Gisele, I was anxious, approval seeking and hid my mental illness – for fear that if I spoke about it with people, I would be judged as having something “wrong” with me.
I felt the call to do something big again, and reached out to Gisele through a mutual friend. Gisele took me into a conversation that went beyond the mind. She is incredibly powerful in the space that she holds for you.
Now it is 2021, and I have received an overflow of results from working with Gisele. Through working with Gisele, I received the vision for my personal memoir, and have published “Being Brave: From trauma to joy” in 2020. I have 100% fully accepted my now well-managed diagnosis of schizophrenia and have spoken about it live on national TV at Studio 10. I have stepped so far into my leadership in my role, that I am now coaching 3 people on how to go beyond their own beliefs. I have a re-launched coaching & facilitation consultancy and just received in my next client. In addition, I am now 3 episodes into creating my new podcast “The Eastern Influenced Corporate Leader” which is 5 star rated. This too is going to inform my second book.
I am forever thankful for the work Gisele and I have done together. This conversation truly goes behind the mind, I highly recommend Gisele and would be happy to connect with you if you would like to speak about her work. My life has changed forever for the better because of Gisele’s coaching.

Aaron Kemp

I was lucky to ask Gisele one day if she new anyone that could help with meditation for performance in business. I had been going through a pretty rough period and needed a bit of help to overcome my challenges. That was when Gisele said to me that actually yes it was what she did. This is where I knew the universe was looking after me.

It was the first session where she helped me to unpack a whole new business that I had stored in my head and was waiting till I had enough money to afford to rent a building. What Gisele helped me to discover was that I was the building and that I just needed to get on with it. Then the football coach for life and business was born.

Since that time Gisele has helped me with many different challenges that I have had with getting this business off the ground and maintaining the one I already had.

I would have to say that Gisele is absolutely awesome at what she does. She is amazing at digging into my mind and helping me to discover what lives in there that enables me to perform at my best. Gisele and I often laugh about what I call universe work because it is amazing what starts turning up when your focus is in the right direction and I truly believe that she has helped me to discover that the universe will deliver whatever I’m ready for when I am ready.

I would not hesitate to recommend Gisele to anybody that needs a coach whether it be for business or life. I am truly now a Whole Hearted Man.

Art Sarkissian

Founder & CEO

Gisele Gambi is truly a transformational coach. She allowed me to dig deep and understand what drives certain behaviours in my leadership style and how to maximize those which work for me and eliminate those which were holding me back. 

I have seen exponential growth in myself and as a result this has impacted my business, my team and those who I impact. 

Words can never do justice to the impact that Gisele makes on those she coaches.

Doctor of Medicine

I began working with Gisele under a false pretence. I thought there was something broken so I approached her to help me fix it. It did not take long for me to see that was the reason I had given myself to find her and that my world would turn inside out.
I knew that what I brought, is how much I stood to gain. Gisele has a gift of seeing beyond the façade, holding in unconditional love, hearing beyond words and connecting to an incredible intuition.
As I was held in reverence and reminded of my worth, I began to reconnect to and know my inner truth. I sourced a voice I forgot I possessed and a power I had suppressed.
And as I started to live my inner truth, my external world began to change. My desire, drive and inspiration for creative writing returned. Animosity was resolved by a shift in perception. I regained professional confidence and started to stand in my leadership and recognise and develop my niche. The more I learn to see, the more effortlessly it appears in my world.
I have become connected with others on the same journey whose presence was no coincidence and from whom I have gained great insight.
I have felt afraid, challenged and exhausted at times but not as often as I have felt elated, experienced breakthroughs and been in awe.
This is only the beginning of my journey. I consider myself a toddler masterminder. As I fine tune my intuition and continue to integrate my learning into life I feel limitless, and that my power to create is boundless.”


Business Owner

When I came across Gisele’s page 6 years ago, it was random and by accident. I hadn’t met her, but knew somewhere inside that I was to work with her.

At the time I was the shell of a person who I thought I really could be. I was on the hard work highway trying to achieve my way to be that great person I knew I was. My life was closing in on me like a tiny box, without any room to move, I was scared to breathe, and scared to let anyone else around me breathe.

Within 8 weeks of coaching with her, I claimed back my value and my salary and position increased at my work which immediately covered her fees. I was then head-hunted by a company that was voted Australia’s best place to work, and turned down their offer to take up a senior role where I was.

Within 1 year, my work sent me around the world to every continent, I built a team, and was offered more responsibility which I gladly accepted… because I learnt from her how capable I was, and how valuable that was. I was finally experiencing the freedom that was so natural.

Within 2 years I was working as a consultant travelling the world earning in a few hours what I’d previously earned in a month. Because of my choice to step into my value and create what I would love, I inspired those around me to live with the same freedom and the same invitation to step into their value and to stop messing around playing small.

My husband created his own business borne from his own passions. Within 4 years of coaching with Gisele I launched a joint venture with my husband and now within two years of operation we are selling nationally, internationally and talking about expanding.

Our relationship has been totally recreated as we allow each other to expand in our own value and support each other along the way. Our kids are thriving and have grown their confidence too.

Working with Gisele was like meeting my soul sister, and best friend. She works with so much integrity and presence, her commitment to her clients is second to none. She has lovingly guided me to seeing my own value, and has never faltered in her support.

For whatever reason you have found yourself on this site, if you feel deep down that maybe this is for you, I hope that you don’t dismiss your hunch as that’s the first step to giving yourself a life you’d love. Life is not meant for anything less. 

18 months ago, I was the shell of a person who I thought I really could be. I had no way to see how to get there, and was on the hard work highway trying to achieve my way to finally be that great person I knew I was. Instead I was broke, on anti-depressants, working huge hours, with three young kids at home that I rarely got to see, fighting often with my husband. My life was closing in on me like a tiny box, without any room to move, I was scared to breathe, and scared to let anyone else around me breathe.
Within 8 weeks of coaching with her, I claimed back my value and my salary and position increased at my current work which immediately covered her fees. I was head-hunted by a company that was voted Australia’s best place to work, and turned down their offer to take up a senior role.
Within 1 year, my work sent me around the world to every continent, I built a team, and was offered more responsibility which I gladly created… because I knew how capable I was, and how valuable that was. I was finally experiencing the freedom that I had so craved, and with that, gone with the anti-depressants. When the core issue is solved, there are no symptoms to treat.
Within 6 months I was able to create a property strategy that was right under my nose all along, but couldn’t see the idea with my attachments to old ways of thinking. I was blocking myself.
Now, 18 months later I have established my own business, and have created more money in it’s first month of operating that I ever earned in a salaried job. All with being able to create my own schedule that suits me and my family. The property development is now fully designed and the DA lodged with the local council, once it is built, we would have created 2 million dollars.
Because of my choice to step into my value and create what I would love, I have inspired those around me to live with the same freedom and same invitation to step into their value and to stop messing around playing small. My husband has created his own business borne from his own passions, and he is starting to get his work lined up for the rest of the year.
Together we are about to talk to investors to launch another business, that I know will create massive revenue. Again, this business idea came to us because we no longer had attachment to old thinking and could see a new opportunity when it presented it, without quickly ushering it away. The investors are flocking to us because they can see the value that we have stepped in to and want to be a part of it.
My relationship with my husband has been recreated so we allow each other to expand in our own value and support each other along the way. Our kids are thriving and have grown their confidence too.
Working with Gisele was like meeting my soul sister, and best friend. She works with so much integrity and presence, her commitment to her clients is second to none. I would never look at working with another coach, she has lovingly guided me to seeing my own value, and has never faltered in her support.
For whatever reason you have found yourself on this site, if you feel in your body that this is for you, I hope that you give yourself permission to that which you would love. Life is not meant for anything less.

Shari Elle

I am awed to have had the opportunity to work with you as my coach for almost the last 12 months. You have helped me to see myself more clearly. You have helped me to see the gifts I have to bring. You have helped me to understand how I can directly connect to realms that I did not know were possible for me.
At times there was such darkness and shame arising in me, but I know now those were my times of biggest expansion. You held such a safe and reassuring space for me in those moments – showing me that shame was my expansion emerging.
The vision I have of myself, of what I am capable of, of who I am here to be in the world is so much larger because of you. Already I have the most incredible people coming to work with me. I’m taking this work into organizations and already have state government commissioners and key influencers attending. I know that that is because of the power within me that I have accessed through working with you.
I’m immensely immensely grateful for the gift of you beside me. Thank you for your love and total nonjudgement of me in every moment, that has provided the safety and the space for this expansion. I am now connected to who I am here to be in an ever expanding way that was not possible before working with you.
Thank you for helping me to see.

Jane Craig

I started coaching with Gisele in April 2014. At that time my husband and I were bonded in our suffering; a failed business, the forced sale of our first family home, a financial mess and 4 moves in 12 months for our young family.

Gisele created an immediate shift in me from powerless to powerful when she helped me see what I was in fact unconsciously choosing and why.

I got to see clearly how I’d given away my power by blaming others for what was turning up in my life.


This was a game changer for me. It helped me remember how powerful I am. It helped me realise that I always choose how my life looks and that I can either do this subconsciously or consciously.

It was like a secret superpower Gisele helped unveil. Then I got to apply this premise to every aspect of my life – finances, relationships, family and my purpose.

Everything changed for me, immediately and effortlessly. What created this change was a commitment to taking personal responsibility for everything in my life, a regular meditation practice to strengthen my intuition and presence, and the courage to ask for and receive what I wanted for myself and my family.

IMMEDIATE SHIFTS AND TANGIBLE OUTCOMES I DOUBLED my personal income within weeks of coaching with Gisele, purchased a block of land, built a new family home, repaid a $240,000 debt to my family and an $80,000 tax debt. I then created a new position for myself within a company that now provides my family with financial security and in the last 5 years I have had the great joy of taking my family on an overseas holiday for the first time and we’ve enjoyed two more overseas trips since then.


One of the most powerful and precious of all the tangible outcomes I have experienced whilst coaching with Gisele, is the reality I got to create in my relationship with my mother before she passed.

I chose to be vulnerable, and this created space for me to experience compassion and ultimately forgiveness in my relationship with my mother.

Everything between us shifted and there was nothing left between us but love and joy and peace. Many miracles born from this place of absolute vulnerability and personal responsibility.

All of which have ultimately led me to the knowing that I AM POWERFUL and I AM FREE.

Olivia Gardiner

I was introduced to Gisele Gambi in 2005 at what turned out to be an incredible turning point in my life. After the loss of my first child, and in my full commitment to a Dare to be Remarkable program, Gisele instilled in me the privilege and the magic of life.

Head of Talent Acquisition, APAC & Japan

I love the term ‘soul mechanic’ as she dives deeply with you to find where the paradoxes are and bring them up to the surface for a reveal through meditation and reflection. More recently, I completed the phenomenal Beyond the Ceiling, Mastermind program.

Half way through I lost a close family member unexpectedly. It was through this sudden experience that we were able to unlock even more of what was waiting to arrive.

Each experience with Gisele has brought personal freedom and more love into all aspects of my life. A shedding of the old and welcoming in of the new. I haven’t felt or looked better in years.

Once again, living in awe and wonder. Gisele is a gift. I have no doubt we will be working together again.

Penny Patterson

Intuitive Coach

Round 1 with Gisele 

Nothing ever happens by chance, or does it. What is meant for us will find us and that is how Gisele and I came together, funnily enough via her husband who randomly said to me, ‘you and my wife would get along’, well the rest is a beautiful unfolding of a friendship. 

When I first starting working with Gisele I was so lost, I had just built and opened a natural therapy business and I felt so trapped. What I thought would be my answer to feeling free, the answer to the life I wanted it felt like anything but, I was crumbling under a mountain of debt, emotional pain and blame. I had to move out of my home, back to my parents house, I was incredibly sick, my world was becoming smaller, I had started to isolated myself from friends and felt so ashamed at where I was, from the outside it looked like I had a great life, I still put on a smile and had a good time, but inside I was powerless. 

I started working with Gisele and a shift happened, it was a shift in perception, taking 100% responsibility for all that I had created. The shift from powerless to powerful. There was an unlearning, a surrendering, an undoing of what I knew to a remembering of who I am. This didn’t happen with force it came from within, different choices happened naturally, a wider perception in awareness, shifting what was unconscious to the conscious. 

I started to feel a sense of freedom within my business, I was in the drivers seat of my life, abundance came in the way of new connections and friendships, I became the authority in my field, I built a community. After 7 years I sold and was able to pay back all the debt and come away feeling free. 

Round 2 with Gisele 

Towards the end of 2021, life was great, I was living in a great community with and so much overflow of love, joy and gratitude. I trusted what was coming next, I didn’t know what it was but I trusted the knowing. Then it came when I listened to Gisele’s first podcast “The Cave you fear to enter’ and there it was, a feeling, it was time to make a pivotal change and face the cave I feared to enter within myself. I knew there was something I wasn’t seeing within myself, I didn’t know what, I had no idea, I just knew there was fear.

 I wanted to go deeper, much deeper within myself. I wanted to be fully me, wholehearted as such. I knew I was 100% responsible for creating my life and so we embarked on a journey together that has unfolded as a year of the unknown. I knew it was also going to mean looking into the spaces that don’t feel pretty, or nice, seeing parts of me I didn’t want to look at, that is the cave I feared and I wasn’t alone. 

There are a number of pivotal points that have had huge ripples, 

I saw how generous I am, and how much I love to give and support people. Listening to Gisele’s podcast I heard about Aalyiah a 17 year old who has a massive purpose to end period poverty, I felt to support her, purely for the fact she is 17 and out there changing the world. The ripples of this have been huge, alone I have raised over $2500 supporting 250 girls to finish school and have opportunities open to them they wouldn’t have previously. Collectively with Gisele and our community, the number has more than doubled and the ripples keep on coming in a variety of ways we never imagined helping 1000’s of women and girls throughout Kenya. Not only that I got to visit Kenya and we also went to a kids home where we were able to give in so many ways, through gifts and fun. More and more ripples of pure love and joy from a place of generousity and love. 

I saw my gift of holding and walking someone through their pain, without being afraid, it’s my superpower, to hold you in your humanity, in love without judgement and walk you through your shadow so you are not alone, until you find your own light again. We all hold pain, it doesn’t need to define who we are, as I learnt that mine doesn’t define who I am. 

To be able to do this for another I had to walk my own path and into my own cave of shame. One I had almost forgotten about, it was hidden within me and the one that was niggling away. I faced my dance with suicide, I allowed it to have a voice and in doing so I freed myself from the fear of it. 

I saw my leadership in supporting and co-facilitating retreats with people I love to play and work with, my peers which includes Gisele. I have found my love of helping other people without the sacrifice of myself in the process. I have heard myself through her podcasts and received even more hearing myself through her words. 

My work has unfolded this year, I never expected to be doing energy alignment work again with people and with groups, the next steps are unfolding through the Sacred Leadership program, which is my own leadership being fine tuned. The collaborations and connections that are forming from this peer group are so generous and fulfilling. 

I fell even more in love with who I am, and the uniqueness of me, the ever unfurling of oneself is a journey only we can take, and it takes commitment, the power of feeling all of ourselves allows us to receive even more of ourself.

 I said yes, because I had to follow the intuitive pull and enter the cave I feared and to be supported by Gisele has been invaluable. Who knows what is next but I do know it will be an amazing magic carpet ride that we go on together.

Andrew Currie

Founder and Creative Director Out-2 Design Group

Words are hardly adequate to describe the benefits of coaching with Gisele. It is nothing less than life-changing, and I mean that literally. Gisele’s superpower is to intuitively guide others through their unique journey of transformational change. A journey of self-awareness, empowerment, timeliness and activating across multiple realms of consciousness; from business to personal and physical to spiritual.

Luisa Carel

I don’t believe in coincidences… I met Gisele Gambi at a function, we connected and she was exactly what I was searching for. 

I do believe our meeting had always been planned and I am feel absolute gratitude at Gisele’s contribution to my life. I am left in awe as we explored my passion and purpose and translated these elements into a profitable, successful business.

Gisele was my coach and will always remain my friend. What I loved most about collaborating with Gisele was, the lack of judgment and the ability for me to be truly myself, without any inhibitions, exposing layers of me that were hidden and buried waiting to be explored and opened to the full potential of my capabilities.

 Looking back, the year I spent working with Gisele was one of the most profound times of my life and without question allowed me to grow and evolve exponentially on a soul level.  

Listen to Luisa’s Podcast:

Liz Adams

I’m so thankful to be seeing what I have finally begun to see, the purpose of everything I have been through and how this can help other people who are ready for the journey.

I am beyond grateful that I followed my intuition on connecting with you back in 2011 and that I gave myself the mastermind, because there are few few few coaches who see what you see GG, I really respect and honour your dedication here!!!

Too few willing to go to the depth!!! This depth has helped me see and receive, I am SO grateful.