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You are invited to embrace the plans you didn’t make, where you’ll see that the deeper you go, the greater your wealth in your business and life – in all ways, and that authenticity is always profitable.

You’ll hear from myself and guests each week so that your own intuitive pulls reveal themselves in response to failure, disappointment, regret and uncertainty….and joy! Let’s turn lead into gold.

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False Promises Is Resistance In Action

If you desire and deserve complete transformation with something that has alluded you, listen out for the four things we do that do not give us this end result....

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The Untapped Abundance Of Being In The Fullness Of Your Gifts (Prayer)

This is a download I received this week that I was moved to put to music and share more like a prayer than a meditation. I trust that it...

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Breakthroughs And Abundance

Following a sleepless night of hearing a very direct intuitive pull to boot up the new Untapped Abundance Mastermind, I share with you the energetic framework of this program,...

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When The Grit Hits The Fan, There Is Perfect Order In Everything

When the grit hits the fan, the only way to freedom is by holding the idea that there is perfect order in everything, even if you can't see it...

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Symptoms of Desire and Being Called Into More

I've returned from my holidays in January clearer and more ready than ever before. Listen to this episode and enter an enquiry: Does what once felt big no longer...

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Untapped Abundance in 2024 – Meditation

Happy New Year! Welcome to the theme of this podcast for 2024 – Untapped Abundance. Please use this meditation to meet the untapped abundance of who you are in...

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The Non Turn-backable Decision That Will Change Your Game

Get an inside look at the major decision I made and the daily ways that allow me lead a full life with a whole lot of spaciousness, peace a...

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My 2023 Love Letter

Listen to me speak out a love letter I wrote to myself for the breakthrough year 2023 has been. I have not listened to the chatter monkey that has...

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The Untapped Abundance of Being Happy

Undeservedness kills happiness. Will you take initiative to face into the shadowy part of your undeservedness or will life instead slap you in the face for you to pay...

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