The Retreat Experience

Kenya Retreat- The Breakthrough Year
Novemver 2024


Welcome to 12 days of freedom, of intuitive seeing and knowing, of rich connection with yourself and each other, as you open to a flow the moves you into a life of majesty.

Are you birthing a project, curious about what is waiting to be birthed through you, or simply ready to take your leadership, life or business beyond?

As you travel from the beautiful Ololo Lodge, across the diverse land that is Kenya, and you immerse ourself in nature, in the humanity of the land, its people and in your own humanity, you will experience yourself as a depth of wealth, rich in loving authenticity…..and from here, you will be called….Into what will you be called? And who will you become as you say yes to this calling?

How often do you have the privilege to share 12 days, one-on-one, with 2 coaches each with over 20 years experience, totally committed to supporting you
to create BIG MAGIC!

The Time is Now

If you think you don’t have time to step away from your business or life, I’m here to say you do not have time not to. The coherence created in 12 days will give birth to unseen possibility, ignite creative acceleration & see your vision be activated in ways you’d never imagine or perhaps you have and you can’t quite see the how.

What to Expect?

Expect the unexpected! There are no words to describe what happens on Safari, each journey differs from the rest. The space is created to allow an invisible script to show up, one that has to be experienced, it cannot be perceived by the mind.There is a beautiful expansion available to you, a profound connection that ignites joy, freedom and love. When you simply say ‘yes’.


Your 12-day Safari starts with the chink of a champagne flute at the stunning Ololo Lodge overlooking Nairobi National Park. Your journey will not be of the ‘tourist’ variety, but is instead one custom designed to give you an immersive and exhilarating experience of Kenya like no other as the itinerary unfolds day by day.

The one trip that changed "Everything" for me

You know this is for you

Set Yourself Free

It’s not always about what you are creating. It’s often about what you are willing to let go of, what you are willing to lose so you can truly fly free.

The Deeper You Go

Receive the multiple streams of joy, impact and income that become available when you integrate the premise ‘the deeper you go, the greater your wealth in all ways’.

Allow yourself this moment in time to surrender to the plans you didn’t make and open to your intuitive pulls.

The Deeper The Impact

Make a declaration that as an uncontainable force for good, you, who you are, cannot be anything but a facilitator of miracles.

These curiosities will be met in the divine recipe that Kenya is, and you’ll see that when grace does the heavy lifting, Big Magic is your reality.

This is a spiritual experience.

The Itinerary

Arrive into the welcoming arms of the beautiful Ololo Safari Lodge.

Ololo is perfectly situated, on the beautiful banks of the Mbagathi River which forms the southern border of the Nairobi National Park. Set on a productive 20 acre working farm, wildlife is right on our doorstep and all can enjoy breathtaking views over the national park, to the famed Ngong Hills in the west, sundowner in hand.

It’s time to go deeper cocooned in natures wonderland on the shores of Lake Naivasha, nestled in the volcanic hills and open grasslands on the western edge of the Great Rift Valley.

The lake shore, is a favourite hangout and grazing spot for warthog, antelope, zebra, giraffe, hippo, buffalo and many species of birds who roam freely.

The Masai Mara

This four-day stretch is full of surprises and unique experiences that are designed to nurture your soul and feed your heart; it promises to be a sublime experience.

With our hearts wide open and our souls nurtured, we travel to the stunning Masai Mara.

Kericho Gold

As a new day dawns we venture towards the lush green hills of Kericho. Breathing in the magic of tens of thousands of acres of tea, cultivated in an annual rainfall of 2,200mm a year, this will be a truly authentic and unique Kenyan experience as we explore a part of Kenya that few outsiders have to opportunity to see.

Ignite Connection

Meet the little people at Kipchamgaa Children’s Home. Rest assured that igniting connection while sharing your light and magic will be on the agenda!

Kipchamgaa provides a loving home and education for 53 children whom were neglected, abused, exploited, traumatised, discriminated against or abandoned.

Invest in You

With our souls ignited and our hearts full, we venture back into welcoming arms of the beautiful Tarangau Retreat, the seven star incubator on Kenya’s East Coast.

Enjoy, spectacular food, yoga, meditation, massage, walk on the beach, swim in the ocean, revel in glorious African sunsets whilst cocooned in the peace that is Tarangau.


From the moment your plane touches the ground on the coast until it takes off at the end of the Safari, the following costs are included for the 12-night, 13-day Safari & Sea Retreat:

Croatia 2022

Musings from our Croatia Retreat in September 2022

Last Thursday I completed facilitating a Retreat in Croatia entitled ‘Calling in the new in ourselves and each other’. It was phenomenal and I’d say the most powerful retreat I’ve experienced to date.

On the flight over from Geneva to Split, I started writing on my phone and what appeared was a prayer for the retreat that I had no idea I’d compose. We opened and closed the retreat with this prayer which I also turned into a meditation episode which you can listen to here A Prayer for your Leadership…/the…/id1591584163…. . I hope you find it valuable.

I took my 88 year old Mum with me (see pic in Dubrovnik overlooking the Old Town) and we are currently in her home town in Switzerland and I’m very much looking forward to being back with my family soon.

Last night before I went to sleep I asked myself ‘what am I taking away from Croatia?’. Here are just some of my takeouts. I hope they also feed you.

How do we work together?

From a practical perspective, I partner with clients in
Here we dig deep and embrace an intuitive process, coaching one on one and in a peer environment on regular zoom calls and retreats. The power of the group is alchemical, creating an overflow of awareness, insight, vision, strategy, compelled action and collaboration. I’m always in wonder at how the perfect mix of people find themselves together at any given time.