Thresholds, Blindspots & My Mission

This is a very vulnerable share speaking to an introspective journey that has lead me to seeing the thresholds I’ve placed on myself on how loving and powerful I’ve allowed myself to be.

As I dug deep I saw that what I hadn’t acknowledged in my past became a sleeping tiger and this had power over me today in ways that are incongruent with my values and who I choose to be.

I became aware of behaviours that dampened my power.

I saw habits and choices made from a half-hearted self-love.

The elephant in the room revealed itself – a theme of powerlessness that played out in my life today that in fact belonged to my history. The thing is that I had no idea that this theme of powerlessness existed underneath my feelings of happiness and fulfilment. And yet it did and became a threshold to who I allowed myself to be and to what I allowed in my life.

As I know deep in my gut that this is another significant breakthrough year, this sleeping tiger had to be seen because what we bring to light no longer remains in the shadows and therefore loses its power.

In this episode I speak out a piece of writing that became the holder of all the inner places I have travelled to since mid 2022.

I shared this writing with my community and I know it called people into their own enquiry around the thresholds they’ve placed on themselves and the blindspots that have kept these thresholds in place.

I have since felt pulled to share this piece of writing through the podcast to act as your own self-reflection exercise.

If there is a pull, I’m inviting you to be radically generous to yourself and to work with me to end all blindspots. If you feel it’s the right time to coach with me, please complete a Coaching Application form where you’ll get to know more about the coaching options and I’ll get to know you better.

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