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In the context of growth, ‘scaling’ is often talked about.
You know what I want to scale?
I want to scale more miracles.
You might think that a miracle is ‘other worldly’, not something that you personally could ever experience.

I beg to differ.

A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love. Without this internal shift our external circumstances cannot change. To experience real transformation and not just temporary reprieve, we must travel this road of cause and effect.
There is no environment where the miraculous is excluded. I have witnessed this in business, relationship, health, family, terminal illness, finances, mental illness, parenting, politics and the legal world.

And so what do you choose for yourself?

Each time I have remembered that I have the power to choose and have followed that calling within me, a quality of result arrives that I could never have imagined. In fact this is how I moved into coaching in 2004 from a previous career in human resources – it was the plan I did not make!

To see this occur for others is one of my greatest joys. It’s the reason I do what I do. I would continue doing this even if I won the lotto.

Now back to you.

If you are being called, I promise that this calling seeks only your greatest happiness; a highly under-rated strategy that impacts all areas of life for the better.
And so, will you let go of control and safety and follow your gut?
Will you let go of the need to know how, the question that stumps inspiration, and say yes without knowing all the ins and outs upfront?
Will you surrender to this feeling, this intuition that calls you forward?
I know that I have a soul-contracted relationship with the people I coach. It’s like we are drawn to each other. Clients have said to me that they knew they were going to coach with me even before we had our first conversation. I too have had this knowing at times. Each time, this intuition has proven to be 100% accurate.

How do we work together?

From a practical perspective, I partner with clients in

Here we dig deep and embrace an intuitive process, coaching one on one and in a peer environment on regular
zoom calls and retreats. The power of the group is alchemical, creating an overflow of awareness, insight, vision, strategy, compelled action and collaboration.  I’m always in wonder at how the perfect mix of people find themselves
together at any given time.

I am awed to have had the opportunity to work with you as my coach for almost the last 12 months. You have helped me to see myself more clearly. You have helped me to see the gifts I have to bring. You have helped me to understand how I can directly connect to realms that I did not know were possible for me.
Shari Elle
If you are called
it is not a time to withhold and contain
it is not a time to give up, or run away
it is not a time to pretend, ignore, push down in dishonesty

Nor is it a time to lead with false humility.

If you are called
it is time to accept the plan you did not make.
And that plan is always found in the cave you fear to enter.
Once you enter that cave, ironically, you’ll realise that you always belonged here.
This is where the miracles lay, and thus fear becomes a stranger, and peace, joy, purpose, health, connection and success in areas that truly matter become reality.

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