The Gifts Borne From Pain

This is a special episode that is a recording of a three way group coaching conversation namely featuring Debbie Radosavljevic.

Debbie was a refugee from former Yugoslavia during the Balkan War in Bosnia. She lost her husband to the war when her daughter was seven months old and for six years moved from town to town including three years in a refugee camp in Serbia. Having decided that her life as it was was not for her, she’d catch the 2:30am train to the embassy in Belgrade to seek out a new life elsewhere. She arrived in Australia with her daughter Vicky in March 1998.

Listen to the very entertaining Debbie and allow your stories to be ‘lovingly disrupted’ to end all pain and suffering, as Debbie so powerfully demonstrates. Allow this episode to serve as a moment of ‘pause’ to see the potential gifts borne out of the stories that have previously pained you… out, you may feel the freedom to move by listening to the remarkable Debbie!

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