The Creative Speed of Intuition and Knowingness

That fiery energy continues to move me and so here I am again.

Today I talk about the power of ‘knowingness’ and ‘intuition’ as states of being that produce outcomes and results 

  • that are in full alignment with who you are

  • that are greater than you could have predicted

  • with great efficiency and speed

If you've been going round and round trying to get something off the ground, if you've been trying to create a sustainable shift but have been unsuccessful in doing so, today I remind you that it's more simple than you what you think.

Allow this episode to be a catalyst into your own intuition and knowingness and experience the creative speed of these states of being in your own life.

And, if you have an experience that you're really loving as a result of listening to and acting from your intuition and knowingness, please let me know! That's the deal! 😍


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