The Breakthrough Year – Part 2

In this episode I continue on from Part 1 and share my stream of consciousness that has been running through me since December.

It’s another personal sharing with the intention of creating breathtaking ripples in your life. I wonder how this episode will impact you?

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If you’d like to jump on the 9 Week Meditation program it’s not too late.

Also if you’re pulled to speak to me about coaching, at the beginning of this year I’m offering the opportunity for former clients to partner with me in a Kickstart the Year program for 2 months (as you’ve already got the foundational work) and 2 months for people who have not coached with me. Of course there’s also the yearlong Mastermind should you wish to go all in.

A teaser about our next retreat in Kenya 5 – 12 May 2023. I’ll be sharing details with you shortly. If you’re pulled (or were pulled last year and felt 2023 was your year, please email or message me).


Artwork credit 🙏🏼 Lusid Art

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