That Moment of Failure When You’re Just About To Give Up

This is a story that many of us are familiar with – that moment of failure when we’re just about to give up on our visions, dreams, callings, passions, that moment of exasperation when we go for those seductive shiny carrots, and when we decide to never turn our backs on ourselves ever, ever again.

Listen (or watch here) Interior Designer Ioanna Lennox’s story of perceived failure and the moment that it all turned around.

This is an inspiring story of the magic that happens, and sometimes immediate, when we follow the intuitive pull.

Through Ioanna’s appreciation of our work together, she gifted my family her design artistry (which we called her visual poetry) as we renovated our kitchen and living room. Thank you Ioanna for your radical generosity.


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Artwork credit 🙏🏼 Lusid Art

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