‘Never In A Million Years Did We Think He’d Take His Own Life’

On 17 June 2021, Paul Dunn’s brother and Scott Osborne’s brother in law, Nick Dunn took his life.

Suicide has dominated the media again this week with ‘tWitch’ Stephen Boss’s totally unexpected suicide. ‘Never in a million years’ is what Paul and Scott said about Nick taking his life. In fact Nick’s family believed that his death was a ‘misadventure’, a mistake, until the evidence showed otherwise.

Following on from last week’s episode ‘Radical Compassion & Forgiveness’, this is another real and raw interview that gives us more understanding about the depth of sadness that would have someone believe that the world is better off without them…..and an intuitive impulse to reduce the impact of men’s mental health issues.

As such, this is also a story about leadership; leadership borne from tragedy and in Scott’s words leadership that ‘wasn’t a choice’. From a walk that Nick, Paul, Scott and two other men did yearly, in days after Nick’s passing, they decided that they’d do the same walk in memory of Nick. What followed was the creation of a charity called Spoke to a Bloke.

If Nick had reached out one last time, Paul feels that things would have been different. Thus ‘Spoke to a Bloke’ was born to encourage the vulnerable conversations that Nick believed he couldn’t have.

To learn more about Spoke to a Bloke go here https://www.spoketoabloke.org

The 25km Nick’s Walk in 2023 will occur in

Sydney 4 February

Adelaide 11 March

Brisbane 29 April

For more info and to register go here https://www.spoketoabloke.org/register-for-an-event

Thank you Paul and Scott for showing up in this interview in your vulnerability and strength.


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