Embodying Your Worth Deep In Your Core – A story of Heidi Todd’s life so far

This is a story of Heidi Todd's life so far; a story that Heidi believed was ordinary, a story much like many women who believe that their life is far from extraordinary.

Listen to Heidi share her story – a story that I initially invited her to write out and share on a group call in response to her negative self-perception that there was really nothing special about her life. Hear about her life, how she found herself at a cross road post divorce, her dark night of the soul moment and what enabled her to pull through to the other side.

Hear about her vision for Panning for Gold – an eight week program of self rediscovery designed to help women who have taken extensive career breaks, to sift back through their past to find the tiny pieces of gold in their lives, the skills, experiences and attributes, which they might have dismissed as not having any value, and joining them together to create a stronger, whole and more compelling story.

And hear about Heidi's mission to create a community of women, an army of powerful warriors for change, who by seeing and acknowledging their value and worth step into their power, and then use that power to reach back and help others to do the same.

This is an inspiring story that will give you goosebumps and touch you to the core.


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