A Conversation About Freedom With Michelle Richmond And Our May 2023 Kenya Retreat

Enjoy this conversation with my soul sister Michelle Richmond and I as we prepare to co-facilitate our fifth Retreat together, four of them in Kenya.

This is a conversation about freedom –

  • the freedom to acknowledge the thresholds you’ve placed on ourselves and the blindspots that keep these thresholds in place
  • the freedom to be in the fullness of your humanity; your humanity being a portal to infinite possibility that exists beyond the world you’ve known
  • the freedom to experience the magic of being in the divine eco-system of soul family
  • the freedom to say yes to your soul and not your schedule
  • the freedom to ask yourself what are you really scared or even terrified of?
  • the freedom to walk on fertile ground and allow 2023 to be your breakthrough year
  • the freedom to say yes to the calling of this lifetime, bucket list experience in Kenya in May
  • and the freedom to create breathtaking ripples by giving to yourself from a place of radical generosity

Whether you’re pulled to join us in Kenya or not, the tone of this episode is one that will have you ask questions of yourself, rather than stay in the status quo of your unconscious thinking, behaviour and experience of life.

If Kenya in May is calling you, the next step is simple. Message or email me and we can explore either with myself or in a three way conversation with Michelle and I.

Feast your eyes on details about our Kenya Retreat here


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