‘This one’s for me’ Meditation – Week 4 of the 9 Week Meditation Program

Welcome to Week 4 of the 9 Week Meditation Program entitled Sacred Power.

Please enjoy Week 4's meditation 'This one's for me'.

Over the last few weeks I sensed that I was one shift in perception away from a major breakthrough. This meditation is inspired by that one shift in perception that I graciously received this week.


If you don't know about this 9 Week Meditation Program, we commenced 7 August 2023. There are close to 205 people on this program. Every Monday for 9 weeks I will be uploading a specifically curated meditation to this podcast. Every fortnight I will be facilitating a group call on Zoom to foster community, connection and to support people on this program to have a really valuable experience.

If you are not on the program and would like to be ⁠please go to this Facebook Group⁠

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