The Wholehearted Man

This is a story of a man called “Mark” who came to me with debilitating anxiety. Similar to many men, he’d pinned his self-value on being a rockstar at making money, on external success, the deadliest virus of all. When that became untenable, his inner world came crashing down.
I wrote this story, an account of the time we spent together in coaching to honour Mark
~ a man who chose to take his safety harness off, to dive into the deep and come to know, experience by experience, how tenderness is more valuable than the currency of control and ego based power.
~ a man who came to know that letting go of control would be the first most powerful strategy to bring about an invaluable return on investment.
~ a man who came to know that sharing his vulnerabilities would most likely be the biggest risk of all, more dangerous at first than all the risks he took for financial gain, and this new risk would pay the most meaningful and profitable dividends.
~ a man who came to know that leading his life from a place of acceptance and transparency from the all of him, and not just the facade that most men expose, would be the second most powerful strategy. This would enable another form of ROI; an investment not just for him, but for others in the Ripples Of Impact created by him.
~ a man who came to know that history would be healed and re-written from the present moment of compassion and forgiveness for past misunderstandings and hurt.
~ a man who googled ‘how do I love myself?’ when the very choices described above were the very acts of love for self.
I met this man, who represent so many men like him, in meditation two years ago. It took me two years to ready myself so that I could meet him in physical reality, and it has indeed been one of my greatest joys.
I share Mark’s story to demonstrate that men do not need to suffer and at the very worst, take their lives as a friend did one year ago.
I share Mark’s story in solidarity, to love our men and to show them that self-love, compassion and forgiveness do not make a man weak, but even more powerful.
I implore you to share this with the men in your lives. And men, I implore you to share this with your friends.  Together let’s reduce the suicide rate of 6 men taking their lives each day in Australia.
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