The Ultimate Act In Taking Personal Responsibility

Welcome to Season 2 of The Intuitive Pull Podcast fresh off the back of coming home from facilitating the last Retreat for 2022 in Kenya.

One of the questions I whispered in attendees’ ears was ‘What’s your divine assignment?’ as I had just heard the answer for me which I speak to in this episode. And so with 60 episodes into Season 1, this is Season 2’s theme – our divine assignments.

In episode 1 of Season 2 I speak to the ultimate act of taking personal responsibility and let me tell you, this will make ALL the difference in how you experience yourself, life and your successes and the impact that you’re here to make- whether you experience an overflow of miracles and joy and wonder or whether you experience success or a lack of success with stress, overwhelm and conflict.

I speak with much conviction about a life commitment to the quality of consciousness that will have you experience and be a demonstration of wealth – in all ways.


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