The Power Of Letting Go Of Control

Want to experience success through a state of happiness and peacefulness rather than fear, force and control?

Join us on this episode and get an inside look into one of our group coaching calls and learn or be reminded of

  • the futility of trying to understand everything with the rational mind which only leads to analysis paralysis
  • the limitation of being attached to an outcome
  • the power of letting go of blame and control
  • the infinite creative power of surrendering and trusting
  • the momentum that arrives by getting excited about the possibilities
  • that true happiness and peace is experienced independent of circumstance
  • the power of authenticity and connection

Thank you Mei for taking centre stage and to all others who participated on this group call. Thank you for your generosity and graciousness in your permission for me to turn part of that call into an episode.

I hope this episode is truly valuable to you. Please let me know!!! (ways to connect with me are listed below)


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