The Intuitive Response To Cancer & Illness

Allow this episode with Integrative Oncologist Dr Carol Haddad and Natalie Simes to be the energetic prescription to seeing cancer and other illnesses as the calling card to live a life of authenticity, freedom and a depth of love and connection for self and others.

Whether you are impacted by illness yourself or whether you know someone who is, please take the time to be present with this episode.  It has the potential to bring about healing on many levels.

Dr Carol Haddad is currently based in Colorado, USA and provides consultations on-line internationally.
Natalie Simes is based in Lismore, Australia and you are more than welcome to connect with her via email
Watch Anthony Simes’ story here that was created with the intention of positively contributing to the conversation about assisted dying.
The video was produced by the very talented film maker Jude Ella
Dr Amy Gajjar is based in Surry Hills, Australia.  You can find her here
For more information about the Ho’oponopono process you can go here or search for Dr Hew Len.

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Artwork credit 🙏🏼 Lusid Art

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