The Greatest Disease Prevention

My face hurt from the smile that permanently found itself on my face interviewing Dr Carol Haddad, Integrative Oncologist and Sami Howard, Pranic Energy Healer.

If you or your loved ones have cancer or other illness or feel a general un-wellness, let this episode be your medicine.

Learn about what causes cancer from Dr Carol and Sami’s experience and what indeed creates healing not just at the physical level, but at a multidimensional level.

This episode literally could change your life for the better.

When I interviewed Dr Carol Haddad in Episode 4 ‘The Intuitive Response To Cancer & Illness’ I received a message from Dr Carol who said that one of her patients listened to that episode and days later was given the all clear from her MRI results. Dr Carol says that it was what she heard on that episode that ‘catapulted the result that they were both intending’.

There is magic in this episode and in fact speaks to some unfinished business from that previous episode.

Thank you Dr Carol and Sami for your leadership and for caring so much. The impact you make is infinite. 🙏🏼


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