The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Intuition

Wow wee come and get activated and feel an acceleration as I did when I interviewed Zahrina Robertson who is a multi-award winning visual story teller who works with speakers, leaders and entrepreneurs to develop unique brand strategies through photography and video.  She’s authored two books and has most recently discovered herself as a painter with her paintings finding home in Tony Robbins’ and Brooke Shield’s abodes.
What gifts have been given to you?  What forgotten expressions of you will get pulled through and pop out by listening to this episode?
Come be reminded that when you truly value your gifts that others are energetically drawn to you from a place of mutual meaning and purpose.
Say yes and yes and yes again as Zahrina’s life demonstrates and choose your superpower over your ego and the stories you’ve told yourself about being invisible or not unworthy or not good enough.
How far can you go, how much adventure do you allow yourself when you operate from the depth and generosity of your gifts?
Enjoy the intuitive and creative activation that this episode brings.  Thank you Zahrina for such a wonderful experience.  May this episode bring an abundance of connection all round.  😍
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Note Zahrina is facilitating a free 5 day ‘Video Visibility Challenge’ 7 – 11 February 2022.  You can register here

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Artwork credit 🙏🏼 Lusid Art

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