The Cave You Fear To Enter

Sometimes when we act on intuitive pulls we see immediate results.  Other times we don’t.  Why is that?
One of the hidden reasons is because we’re not ready. We’re not ready to realise the intuitive pull in a grounded way and receive its wondrous results because of our own resistances.  Whilst we are intuitively pulled one way, our ego pulls us back in the opposite direction.
Welcome to Episode 1 of The Intuitive Pull Podcast where we look at this resistance defined as the cave you fear to enter.  As we move towards the cave we have feared, we ironically see that what we feared was always our home.
If there is an inspiration that you haven’t been able to pull off, you’ll want to listen to this.  Be warned!  You’ll be invited to have awareness around the cave you have feared to enter and……you’ll be invited to enter it!  I can’t wait to hear what happens once you have.
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And final thanks to Michael Muir from the Soul Magic Collective and Suz De Jonge whose book The Untangling is currently being published.  I can’t wait to get it in my hands.
Artwork credit 🙏🏼  Lusid Art 

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