The Bravest Question

I dedicate this episode in memory of a man I had the honour of coaching in 2016, including time we spent together in Kenya on retreat. We named Rob Garsden our King of Hearts, because that’s what he was. Rob passed away on 11 February 2022, ironically the day my son Joshua was born 23 years ago who passed away 11 days later, on 22 February.

When life presents challenges, the bravest question we can ask ourselves is ‘for what purpose did I create this?’.

By asking ourselves this question we decide to step outside of the blame and judgment paradigm and the roles we play there, particularly that of victim and persecutor of circumstances and people. When we go to this level of ownership, no matter how difficult the situation is, and we take 100% personal responsibility to see the point of cause from a growth perspective, we become free.

It was this moment of freedom that Rob came to in one conversation in 2016 that I was remembering and appreciating. I recall the lightness that ensued and the gratitude he had for the situation that catalysed him into this newfound awareness. I then had two more conversations last week, with each person experiencing their own moments of freedom, and it made me realise that this particular piece in someone’s process is my very favourite part of coaching.

What is seen can never be unseen, thus is the power of asking and answering the bravest question ‘for what purpose did I create this?‘.

There is so much gold in this episode that my intention is that by being present to its content, you too will receive your own moments of freedom as you ask yourself this brave question.

The context of this episode is really the epicentre of the way I live my life and the work that I do. This for sure is an episode you can come back to again and again and again.

Let these stories inspire you into your own freedom and please share this episode with anyone who is challenged and in conflict.

To our King of Hearts, may you continue to fly free.

And thank you Lorna Patten for teaching me to fly free so that I could share this with many others, including those listening to this podcast. I love and appreciate you dearly!

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