Radical Compassion & Forgiveness

What a blessing it was to interview Troy Methorst who was a Search Team Commander in Afghanistan until 2012 and later co-founded Veteran Mentors in 2017 working with teens and their families.

This is not a usual episode of this podcast by nature of the environment of war and…. I’m in so much gratitude for the rawness of Troy’s vulnerability to the extent that he shares with us at the beginning of the episode a 20 minute video montage of some of his time in Afghanistan shared here on audio.

Troy’s life is a demonstration of the possibility that grief, hate and rage can be transformed through the power of radical compassion and forgiveness, particularly and especially with people and circumstances where that feels entirely impossible.

If you have a teen who is suffering their own internal wars, and/or if you as an adult is suffering your own an internal war or know of someone who is, please listen to this episode and call on Troy for support.

This is a lengthy episode and every second is worth your time and presence.


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