Nothing But Miracles (Extra 6 minute episode)

Be inspired by this story of Integrative Oncologist Dr Carol Haddad’s patient’s journey to being cancer free.

In my original interview with Dr Carol Haddad in Episode 4 ‘The Intuitive Response to Cancer & Illness’, Carol shares her own journey of moving from conventional medicine in a very respected role at Sydney’s North Shore Hospital to giving that up and travelling the world to discover alternative therapies.

Now based in Colorado, USA, Carol treats patients from around the world as an Integrative Oncologist, using the marriage of conventional and alternative therapies.

Carol often refers her patients to this podcast and one patient who was suffering a very serious type of cancer listened to her story in Episode 4. She was moved by Carol’s bravery to surrender into her own intuitive pull. Having Carol demonstrate the meaning of surrender, she became aware of how much she was trying to control the outcome of her 7 months of radiochemotherapy and chemotherapy treatments, understandably so given this life and death scenario. She thus made the decision to let go of control and surrender the outcome, knowing that she’d be OK no matter what.

Listen to what happened immediately after this.

A Course In Miracles defines a miracle being a shift in perception from fear to love. When this energetic shift happens, there is always an external consequence. I have worked with clients since 2004 and every time this shift occurs, I have seen results happen often immediately in business, finances, relationships, politics and health. This shift in perception from fear to love wholly belongs to every environment. It does not discriminate and as you’ll see does not exclude cancer.

I am super grateful to Carol’s patient who gave me permission to share her story. Thank you thank you. May it facilitate more miracles.

When we recorded Carol’s interview, I reflected and said that the episode was ‘an energetic prescription’ and so I have been proven right.

Dr Carol Haddad is currently based in Colorado, USA and provides consultations on-line internationally.

Please also listen to Episode 4 here

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