My 10 Year Old Daughter Speaks To Her Most Valuable Experiences of 2021

Well this was the plan I didn’t make!  As I shared with my 10 year daughter that I was appreciating the most valuable lessons and experiences that I had in 2021, Ruby-Rose asked if I could interview her on my podcast so that she could share hers.  So I seized the moment and we recorded straight away.

Listen to my wise, kind powerhouse as she shares what she loved most about 2021, what she found most challenging and what her greatest lesson was.

And she invites you to interview your children for the same reasons.  Of course it doesn’t have to come in the form of a podcast, but a video or recording instead. Ruby-Rose would love you to post it on socials and to tag me so that we can watch it together.  Let’s call this project #My2021

Let Ruby-Rose and I know what happens as a result of listening to this episode!

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