Momentum Serves The Committed

This episode is perfectly timed as we begin the new year and reflect on what we’ve achieved, what has momentum and what doesn’t.

We look at four causes for the absence or lack of momentum, including its disruptors and hijackers.

This is a semi serious and sobering episode designed to galvanise your commitment so that the washing machine of dissatisfaction ends for good.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to get radically honest?  Are you ready to experience this powerful premise that momentum not only seeks the committed, but serves it?  Then listen in!

Special mention to 

~ Lizzie Adams a phenomenal coach who I highly recommend.  She has just sent the manuscript of her first book The Wounded Entrepreneur to her publisher.  You can find her at
~ Cathy Heller, my podcasting mentor.  You can listen to her podcast here or @cathy.heller
~ Bronnie Ware who wrote The Top Five Regrets of the Dying.  Find her here at
~ ‘Heal’ on Netflix
~ Dr Amy Gajjar at

As always, please share what has happened in your life by listening to this episode!  I’ve been really enjoying hearing the wins you’ve been having. Makes my day.  Also so heartwarming to receive messages from listeners who have followed the intuitive pull to connect with me.

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