Meditation For Business Performance

In this episode I share the most powerful ‘strategy’ I’ve used in my 18 years as a coach that has made inevitable results that I didn’t know could be delivered – meditation!


Because I have a love for the practical but a hunger for the infinite!

Here we sit in the premise that the greatest leadership is not based on what we do alone, but rather on who we are being. Are we orientating from the idea that we are human in finite form, or do we orientate from the truth that we are infinite in human form?

Meditation allows us to access a consciousness that is rooted in the knowing that indeed we are infinite, and thus are able to access information that is beyond this physical time and space.

When we receive information from this consciousness, it may feel audacious to act upon that, but as we surrender, meditation will have you experience the miracle that you are.

Enjoy this episode which I created from a video I posted in September 2020 when I was inspired to speak about meditation for business performance on the back of being asked about it.

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