Living Life In The Overflow

This episode is dedicated to Living In The Overflow in contrast to living in lack or even ‘enough’ as I had caught myself a little while back.
And guess what?  Living in the Overflow is the direct consequence of following the intuitive pull.  Funny that 😘
But often when people are not in Overflow but in lack instead, they focus on ‘healing’ and ‘removing blocks’.
There is always a time and place for that….and….the irony is that when you follow the intuitive pull, especially when there is a need to change your reality, the blocks and need for healing disappear!  Why?  Because you have remembered who you are, that you are bigger than your personality, identity, the roles you play, the stories you tell yourself, the version of you and your reality that you have lived to date.
Following the intuitive pull for sure acknowledges that we have needs at times, and it orientates us to a much higher vibrational response than strategies borne from need.
When you follow the intuitive pull you are choosing to be in the fullest version of your leadership, self-expression, creativity, connection, presence and joy.  And commitment is paramount to ensure that the intuitive pull is grounded and real, not just in fantasy and hope.
When that marriage of commitment is there, Overflow in all the ways that matter the most to you, and effortlessly, becomes your reality.
Remember, I’m not just talking about ‘living in the flow’.  I am talking about living in the Overflow, the theme for my life and those I coach for 2022.
Listen to the postscript I recorded at the end of the episode.  If that’s not ‘real time proof’ of the consequence of following the intuitive pull, I don’t know what is.
Thank you my darling friend Penny for our conversation that inspired today’s episode.

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