It’s OK To Be Powerful – Part 2

Episode 3 It’s OK To Be Powerful published in December resonated so strongly that I decided to create It’s OK To Be Powerful Part 2.

I was also inspired to create this episode when just last week a client reflected these words ‘I now know how to hold power. I feel powerful. I’m no longer frightened of my power.’

This episode also follows on nicely from Episode 15 Called Into Freedom.

In this episode I share what’s happening in real time with current clients with the intention that you’re able to recognise identities that your ego has designed to keep you ‘safe’, yet the more attached you are, the more resistance you have to being powerful.

In particular we look at these four following identities that are the anti-creators to feeling and experiencing your true, authentic power.

  1. the lack of capacity to create financial abundance
  2. downsizing your real capacity levels
  3. not belonging
  4. needing to control

I trust that this episode will create a deepened awareness around your resistance to and/or alignment to your true, authentic power. Above all I hope that you will experience freedom that will change the game that you play such that you come to know that authenticity is always profitable.

In this episode I also make an explicit call out for those who have been feeling pulled to explore coaching with me.

If that is you, you can reach me several ways

  • DM me on Facebook
  • Complete a Coaching Application form where you’ll get to know more about the coaching options and I’ll get to know you better
  • Go the good old fashioned email route at

A special mention to an incredible woman who I had the privilege of coaching, Suzie de Jonge, who not only knows that it’s OK to be powerful, but has expressed her service to the world through a book she wrote, The Untangling. It was published and released today. Bravo bravo Suzie! Celebrating and honouring the deliciousness of who you are! If you’d like to purchase a copy or connect with Suzie you can do so at

And final mention as always to Suzie’s daughter, Alex Saba, from Lusid Art who designed the cover of The Intuitive Pull Podcast and also designed the cover of The Untangling. What a relationship you have, an immaculate demonstration of what happens as you untangle fear into love.

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