How To Massively Expand Your Comfort Zone

If you want to massively expand your comfort zone, then come learn from Leanne Minshull who recently ran in the federal election for the Tasmanian senate.

If you’re being pulled to step up into your leadership, Leanne reminds you that the most powerful strategy is love and love can be really provocative, uncomfortable and create disturbance in service to a better humanity.

Leanne says that she picked her fears and if they were getting in the way she walked through them. She knows that she can only influence the external if she shifts the fears within her. In the episode she shares how she did that and what she found on the other side of her fears – a comfort zone that is so big that she feels she can now do anything she puts her mind towards, including her first sold out comedy show.

This episode calls on you to let go of some of your old ways, to become the apprentice again and to hold leadership in the context that it can be a joy versus the burden that many of us believe it is.

Leanne Minshull says ‘I like to examine social and organisational structures, and then push the boundaries that need to be lent on. This has required me to walk into my personal fears until the fear – as all illusions do, fades and disappears. When I was in a position to operate above just hand to mouth survival, I got a law degree and a masters of law – it was the personal tool I needed to walk through my own perception of illegitimacy. It was the professional tool I needed to push back on legal and cultural structures that were driving dispossession, inequality and environmental destruction.

I have been involved in environmental and social justice activism, from concreting myself into a 44 gallon drum to halt work at a uranium mine, to being an associate director of a boutique ratings agency, to being sued by a large corporation and then seeding, trans-national litigation against climate crimes.

I have worked in politics, directly as a senior advisor for a federal senator and the chief of staff for a state minister. I have worked outside of politics helping to shape the landscape upon which politicians can make their decisions. Most recently I co-founded a political party aimed at pushing the boundaries of traditional party structures that are hierarchical and exclusionary.

I ran in the federal election for the Tasmanian senate. I didn’t win. I am working towards future elections. My current project is launching my career as a stand up comedian – Leanne Minshull, Publican and Failed Politician.’


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