How Big Are You Dreaming?

What an inspiration it was to interview Aaliyah Sirengo, 17 year old daughter of Susan Knapp who I interviewed in Episode 12 ‘Forgiving The Unforgivable’.

Susan asks her children not ‘who do you want to be when you grow up?‘ but ‘who do you want to be now?‘.

A few years ago Aaliyah went through a troubling time, feeling like she didn’t have a need for this world. Shame then became a catalyst for identifying a project that felt close to Aaliyah’s heart. In 2019 Aaliyah’s family built two schools in Kenya in resource poor communities. When the girls started not showing up to school despite having this incredible opportunity, she realised it was because they didn’t have the education nor the sanitary goods to turn up to school when they were menstruating. The shame to talk about, to educate and to provide the necessary needs for something so biologically natural fuelled Aaliyah’s sense of purpose, of how she could contribute to the world now.

And thus, Aaliyah’s mission became clear as she decided to take on this project to ‘eradicate period poverty’, firstly in these resource poor communities in Kenya, and then further on. Adopted from Kenya by her Mum Susan, this project is close to her heart as she realises that she could have been one of those girls.

Last year, in conjunction with her siblings’ businesses (who are 8 and 12 years old), they have sent over 700 sanitary packs.

Be inspired by this incredibly powerful, compassionate, courageous young woman and allow this interview to be an opportunity for your own introspection about having a greater sense of purpose, contribution and joy.

If you would like to connect with Aaliyah as a keynote speaker for your event or business, please connect with her here on Instagram @Maisha.Flow

If you’d like to financially contribute to her project to continuing to supply education and sanitary packs you can do so here

And if you’re interested in Aaliyah’s International Women’s Day event on 23rd March 20222 (7:00pm – 8:00pm), you can check this out here

Thank you, thank you Aaliyah for your big courageous heart, for putting yourself out there even when it feels uncomfortable. Thank you for the enquiry you surrendered to when you felt lost. May you continue to inspire many, many others regardless of their age.


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