Fuck Yes. I Matter And So Do You.

Listen to the incredible demonstration that Libby Stewart is of someone who has moved from despair to leadership where in her words ‘I really love to give a fuck’.

This is a very, very tender and powerful conversation speaking to the reality of trauma that once rendered Libby incapacitated to ask for help to now living the consequences of loving and accepting herself fully including the ripples of this into her leadership.

In this episode Libby speaks to what really matters to her and takes a stand for the importance of having extraordinary conversations versus half arsed attempts at responding to the reality our mental health crisis across the board – men, women and non gender specific.

I know this episode is a bloody powerful catalyst as Libby shows us that we can turn our lives around through the decision, will and conviction of taking 100% personal responsibility for a life worth living.

If you’d like to connect with Libby because you too give a fuck about what you’re bringing to the world and feel drawn to having Libby’s support, you can reach her on LinkedIn here https://www.linkedin.com/in/libbystewartsocialcoach/. She is a Journalist / Writer / Advocate / Communications Specialist / Business Development and NDIS Champion.


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