From Grit To Grace – Reclaiming Your Power

In this episode I interview Lizzie Adams, someone who I adore and admire, whose life represents the reclaiming of our natural, authentic, God given power.

By the age of 22, a single mother who saw a gap in supportive literature for motherhood, Lizzie made one of the UK’s largest publishers who acquired her concept, 33,000,000 pounds over the lifetime of the product. Lizzie went onto successfully launch 3 other projects – except there was one common denominator across all projects – she made nothing in return and lived on the breadline.

Lizzie’s life is a journey from workaholism, poverty and disarray to the freedom that allows her to live her full potential with easeful abundance and champion that in others.

She’s written the first draft of her book The Wounded Entrepreneur and dedicates her life to living from grace and the true definition of will.

If you are disillusioned, disappointed or have regrets about your life, this episode is a workshop in seeing what you have really been choosing (not what you think you’ve chosen) so that you can move out of your own workaholism, control, force and stress and live fully from the magic and miracles that are available on the other side of struggle.

I have a feeling that light bulbs will go off.

If you love how Lizzie expresses herself as much as I do, and those lightbulbs or intrigue have gone off, have a look at Lizzie’s newly published self-study program here. You won’t regret it.

You can also check out Lizzie’s work as Confidante here


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