Forgiving The Unforgivable

Oh gosh, what a joy it was to interview Susan Knapp who listened to the podcast and was pulled to connect with me to share her story.

Be inspired by this huge story of forgiveness and Susan’s powerful question to each of her children ‘who do you want to be now?’ and the magic that unfolded from here.

Susan says that her purpose in life is to raise children who can forgive. With two children adopted from Kenya and two of her biological children, they have lived a very big and oftentimes painful life. Seeing forgiveness as a superpower Susan’s children have learnt the power of grace, courage and gratitude. They have learnt to step through fear and find gold on the other side and be in service to the world. Susan says ‘When you have the power to forgive the unforgivable, your reward is peace’.

The Knapp family have built two schools in Kenya, her children as young as 7 years old each have their own projects and through the profits of these projects provide sanitary napkins and water to African communities. Last year they sent over 720 sanitary napkins creating a massive impact as girls would then still be able to go to school rather than stay home. They embody grace, courage and gratitude in everything they do.

Check out their projects here www.In2EdAfrica.Org

And follow Susan’s children and their projects on Instagram





For speaking and educational engagements or to contribute towards their projects, please connect directly with Susan. Her doors are wide open!

Thank you Susan. What a gift it was to connect with you. What a gift you are!

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