Following The Intuitive Pull

This morning I was inspired to pull apart the journey that lead me to following the intuitive pull to create this podcast.

Why? To help my clients on their journeys to follow their own intuitive pulls. I then decided to create this episode to support you too.

What was most precious about this process of pulling apart my journey was that I ran into a theme that I was unaware of up until today, specifically a theme about belonging.

This is what I saw –

The Intuitive Pull pulls you into a remembering of where you didn’t believe that you belonged but always did in truth.

Enjoy this coaching episode were you’ll create awareness around

  • the directives you’ve been given
  • the cave you’ve feared to enter
  • the breadcrumbs along the way
  • vision and ideas that haven’t been/aren’t ready to be hatched
  • the synchronicities that have to arrive
  • remembering your genius zone and being there 100%
  • receiving the most perfect support
  • being OK to be powerful in areas that you didn’t believe your power belonged

May your year be one where you experience the Overflow that happens by following the intuitive pull.

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