Do You Depend On External Strategies To Rescue You?

Why do some strategies work and others don’t?
Being the end of January, post holidays, this is strategy season!  And because we spend tonnes of money on engaging different strategies it’s super important to get really clear on whether the strategy you’re employing is a powerful one or not.
I was acutely and unexpectedly given the theme of this episode to record and so have faith that this episode was created just for you.
Get reflective as you listen in to check in on current and past strategies and where they were borne from.  Their genesis will determine their outcome, whether they result in overflow of more than you could ever have imagined or disappointment, overwork and underwhelm.
External strategies are not God, nor your hero, nor any golden key.  Unfortunately however we often employ strategies to rescue us.
Allow this episode to remind you of who you really are and to remind you that strategies are simply a vehicle to express yourself, your leadership and service, your love, your vision and joy more fully.  You are the main game and the strategy your servant, not the other way around.
You cannot breadth your way into depth, but you can depth your way into breadth!  Credit 😍Daniel Batten at for that piece of wisdom that has stayed with me for four years and continues to inspire me.
As always, please share what has happened in your life by listening to this episode!  I’ve been really enjoying hearing the wins you’ve been having. Makes my day.  Also so heartwarming to receive messages from listeners who have followed the intuitive pull to connect and coach with me.
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