Deep Impact – Going Beyond The Impact You’ve Made

In this episode I have a conversation with my dear friend and peer Michelle Richmond who lives in Kenya and who I’ve co-facilitated two retreats with on Safari and will again in November.

Whether you’re called to join us in Kenya or are activated through the journey that we take you on in this episode, we share the big magic that happens when you’re on the land that is Kenya. As the outer landscape is so different to our normal day to day doings, similarly our hearts and minds blow wide open and become a new internal landscape from which we hear what we are called to seed, birth, accelerate or transition.

As we surrender guilt, shame, control, judgment and identities that belong to our past, what is new now has space to be seen.

This Retreat and episode particularly speaks to those who are already powerful, reminding you of the importance to give yourself the permission to be vulnerable again, to be courageous again, to give presence to the ache again such that the impact that you’re here to make has an even greater depth and thus a greater breadth than what you have facilitated to date.

This episode is in memory of Rob Garsden who passed away earlier this year. Rob came on Retreat to Kenya in 2016 and as he told his friends and family, it was a retreat that changed his life.

If you’re called to join us in Kenya 1 – 13 November 2022, please send me an email and let’s explore. Email me at

You can check out Michelle Richmond and get a taste for our November retreat here


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