Called Into Freedom

This is one of those episodes I had to record catalysed by my own personal process which snuck up on me last week.

Feeling a bit naked in my vulnerability, this is one of those episodes that I want you to listen to, and also don’t want you to listen to! I share an identity that I have been attached to believing that this behaviour is who I am rather than something I do as part of an identity.

We look at the different experiences when a decision is rooted in shame and judgment versus when a decision is made from a place of being called into freedom. And when the ego perceives the letting go of identity as loss we acknowledge the true consequence being a certainty and trust like never before and from this place so much external growth.

This is a provocative episode created to bring awareness around your own attachments and to ask yourself the exciting question ‘Who might I be without this identity?’…..and ultimately to be called into a greater sense of freedom and the ROI that this freedom brings!

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