Audacious Intuition

Have you ever received intuition that feels audacious to act upon?  Have you told yourself that it’s wrong, that it’s not your place, that you don’t have the right to follow through with it?
Unlike manipulation, as intuition is fuelled by love, it only wishes to be of service to you and others.  Because intuition is located beyond linear time and space in a field of connection and resonance, it collapses the amount of physical energy and action required by operating from the rational mind alone.  And not only is intuition magnificently efficient, it is also very generous.
Imagine what you would allow into your life should you follow through on intuition that feels audacious.  Imagine what would collapse and what would expand by surrendering to its messages.
I was unexpectedly pulled to record this meditation and I believe it was because you asked me to record this for you.
As you listen to Episode 2 of The Intuitive Pull Podcast, allow yourself to be taken into an audacious version of your intuition.  Notice the stories you tell yourself that would have you resist following through and then take a dare and be free to act upon the directives received.  And see what life offers you in return!
I would love, love, love to know what happens.
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Special mention to my remarkable coach Daniel Batten at and to my super talented and generous hearted website creator and friend Gavin Howard from Vibrational Marketing
Artwork credit 🙏🏼  Lusid Art

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