Are You Being Truthful To Yourself And The World? A Medical Perspective

In this episode I interview Integrative Doctor, Dr Amy Gajjar who specialises in Thyroid, Gut health and Autoimmunity.

I’ve been blessed to know Dr Amy for the last few years having been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease which has now been largely reversed through Dr Amy’s care.

Dr Amy’s story is a wonderful example of someone who surrendered to following her own intuitive pull as she let go of her former 10 minute model that she practised in the UK and travelled to New Zealand. It was during her travels that Dr Amy’s world opened up to complimentary medicine as she saw the importance of looking after the whole person’s mind, body and spirit rather than just treating the symptom.

Dr Amy says that what’s out of balance can be brought back into balance. She offers an invitation to ask ourselves if we are being truthful to ourselves and the world and the perspective that the healing journey can be a catalyst to live life in greater alignment and divine flow.

I really enjoyed interviewing Dr Amy.

Dr Amy has just released her first book Slow Butterfly: How Healing Your Thyroid Transforms Everything. You can find the book here

For further information about Dr Amy Gajjar or to book a consultation with her please go to her website


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