An Abundance Of Miracles

One week ago I published an episode entitled ‘How Big Are You Dreaming?’ which was an interview with 17 year old Aaliyah Sirengo who a few years back, having felt like the world didn’t need her, found a purpose worth living for.

Adopted from Kenya, her family built two schools in resource poor communities. When Aaliyah visited them, she couldn’t understand why the girls weren’t turning up to school. She then learnt about ‘period poverty’, that when girls don’t have the proper sanitary means when they are on their periods, that this has a devastating knock on effect on the girls, including missing over 100 days of school per year.

Facing into the fact that she could have been one of these girls she chose to make it her mission to eradicate ‘period poverty’.

Two days after I published the episode a $1000 donation was made by an anonymous listener to Aaliyah’s foundation. I was and still am overwhelmed by the care and generosity of this listener. I’m also now even more aware of the power of this podcast, the heart in this community of listeners and as Aaliyah’s Mum Susan said, our ‘collective intuition’.

I asked Aaliyah’s Mum what this $1000 donation will mean to the girls. She said that 100 girls will now be able to go to school, uninterrupted, for the next three years and it will give a seamstress a good couple of months of guaranteed wage which will also allow her children to go to school.

I shared this profound ripple through a post I wrote and since then there have been another three people who have offered to make a donation.

Again, I am overwhelmed by the heart in this community and deeply moved.

Two nights ago Aaliyah shared a talk she did with me called ‘Can a Pad Empower?’. I listened to it and was unexpectedly gut wrenched hearing Aaliyah talk about the realities of these girls. It asked if I could share her talk on another episode to which she was very thankful.

Warning that the story is hard to hear, enormously sobering and yet is a story that must be told. It puts so much in perspective.

Please be inspired by Aaliyah once again who has been nominated as a ‘Create Change’ Finalist in the #7News Young Achiever Award.

If you’d like to financially contribute to her project to continuing to supply education and sanitary packs you can do so here

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