Accessing Future Memories

What a joy it was to interview the amazing Luisa Carel, Global Passion Ambassador, and host of Passion Harvest an internationally acclaimed interview YouTube series/Podcast that showcases Thought Leaders across the globe to inspire others to live a passionate life.

In Episode 19 Luisa talks about the idea that we can access ‘future memories’. Her life is one incredible demonstration of remembering her future and surrendering to her own intuitive pulls to live what has already happened in the present moment.

Many of Luisa’s thought leaders she interviews have had near death experiences (NDE’s) and through their example she is shown over and over again that consciousness extends beyond the physical body. Because of this Luisa is able to hold her sense around ‘time’ in a multidimensional manner.

Be inspired by Luisa’s experience with ‘Edward’ with whom she’s had many future memories. And then one day as many of her listeners do, she received an email asking to meet on Zoom. That evening she realised that this listener was ‘Edward’.

Luisa is about to move full time to France where her future memories are taking her.

This episode is another ‘energetic prescription’ that feels like a meditation to love yourself so much, inviting you to give yourself the most precious gifts that only you can give to you, to choose divine universal love over fear, and to surrender to the biggest dreams you can dream (following on from the previous episode ‘How Big Are You Dreaming?’).

Luisa also offers her bespoke Passion Mastery Program and Intuited Readings, exploring the multi-dimensional realms of your soul, including future memories. She is super connected and has inspired me with many, many stories where she has been in service to her family and clients that have blown my mind.

As Luisa reads her clients’ energetic and soul blueprint, she knows that in turn her clients will not only change their lives, but the lives of others.

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