A Life Changing Decision

I’m just back from facilitating a Retreat in Croatia and was pulled yesterday to summarise for myself what happened for each person there.

I was then pulled to look at the common denominators across each person’s process and decided to turn this into an episode for a few reasons –

  1. to allow those who went to Croatia to further deepen their appreciation for what happened, to amplify momentum and to allow the divine architecture of the retreat to continue to unfold more goodness
  2. to allow those who we’re currently coaching who didn’t go to Croatia to also be impacted by the generosity of this retreat (some of which has already happened)
  3. to ‘continue to start’ process for those going to the next retreat in Kenya 1 – 13 November 2022
  4. to show people the paradigm shifting reality that’s possible by attending an overseas Retreat

My intention as always is that this episode will feed all listeners of this podcast.

If you’re pulled to join us in 3 weeks in Kenya and if you know Michelle Richmond or myself, please message us. If you don’t know us please email me at gisele@giselegambi.com.au. We have 1 more place available.


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