The Wholehearted Man

This coaching is for men who have followed the traditional route to success, whose identity and self-value is founded on making money.
What happens when that identity comes unstuck?
What happens when life throws curve balls, when the rug is pulled and that sense of safety and control that was home ground is threatened?
Anxiety, panic and depression are the unspoken inner worlds of our men. In Australia, six men per day take their lives. 75% of suicides in Australia are men.
Henry Thoreau once said “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”.

I have a vision.

In this vision, we will witness the dawn of a new truth about the mass of men.
It involves a responsibility we have to our men and creating change in relation to how a man values himself.
In current constructs, our world measures your worth by what you achieve. Our world defines you by the practical, functional roles and responsibilities that you are duty bound to deliver.
You must be strong, capable, self-controlled, and vulnerability is seen as weakness.
But you are more than your job, your career, how much money you make, what you achieve, how ‘successful’ you are.


Welcome to the Wholehearted Man where embracing your humanity is not to the detriment of your masculine power, but in favour of being even more powerful.

Here we will travel together along the road of cause and effect.  We’ll discover that moment in time where you made the decision to become the person you thought you had to be in order to feel valuable and safe in the world.  

We’ll see how this decision shaped your life, what it gave you and what it took away.  This understanding will bring much transformation to your life including a healthy, peaceful body and mind, renewed purpose, restored relationships, deeper connection and freedom from previous insurmountable challenges in which no environment is excluded.


Application To Explore Coaching

Please give these questions and answers your full presence and honesty. There is nothing that you need to hide or not be real with. I appreciate your energy and time in completing this application form.
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