Sacred Leaders Group Program
Commences 1 May 2024

You recognise yourself as having strong levels of emotional, spiritual and professional maturity.  You’re proud of who you’ve become, the transformation you’ve experienced and the impact you’ve made. Yet you know there is So Much More of who you are to step into, lead and create ripples from.  So Much More.

You want to squeeze every drop out of life and when it’s time to leave this life to know you gave it your all.  You lived your biggest, most authentic and meaningful life, you touched the lives of many and as a result you fulfilled your soul contract.

When you look at your life now, even though you’ve experienced truly life-changing transformation, have you handed yourself over to this mission, fully?  I bet there’s more.  

Even when we’ve achieved so much we can sometimes subtly slip into a paradigm of making good enough to be good enough.  Responsibility, expectation, roles, identities, habits and location can be acts of subterfuge that dim our light.

And even though so much has changed for the better, more than we could ever have imagined, I know from experience that sometimes it still feels like we’re living on a knife’s edge.  And it’s tiring.

Stories around capacity, capability and money are the un-dynamic trio here – the ones that bite us on the arse.  You feel rich in spirit, rich in experience, rich in wisdom but also different volumes of constriction.  Sometimes you can bear it and other times it feels like things will spiral.  

Because you have that emotional, spiritual and professional maturity, you’re not a babe out of the woods.  The wisdom you have is because you’ve made a life devoted to leading from your gifts and I honour you for that.  

And, for some of us time is no longer on our side as it was when we were in our 20’s and 30’s and even early 40’s.  That’s the hard truth. 

Having said that I have another perspective to offer you regarding this concept of time.

Standing on the shoulders of all the work you have done and the impact you’ve made already, this is your golden era – a new era of sacred leadership where you are being ‘missioned up’ because ‘you have important work to do’.

This golden era is one that up until now has insisted upon patience, on undoing, on untangling, on creating space, on remembering and reforming so that this can be your finest hour.

In your finest hour mechanistic tools and strategies are put down in the first instance and harmonic instruments of peace are prioritised, given breathing space, airtime and shared in communion with others.

Resisting being ‘missioned up’ into the important work we have to do is being in denial of the rhythm of life and pushing back on a tidal force that clearly wants us to move in the direction of this new era of sacred leadership.

It’s like Love is saying ‘get with the program’ and nothing but.

Yes it can feel uncomfortable.

Yes it can feel frustrating. 

Yes it can feel exhilarating too.

And yes the unknown and the unclear can feel disorienting, frightening even.

I know because I have felt all of this.

Recently I’ve felt a shyness within me, my throat has felt on fire, sore, and what I perceived as being closed.

Until I realised that my throat was not in fact closed.  

It is wanting to become a loud speaker.

A loud speaker in service to those who have emotional, spiritual and professional maturity, who have done the work and reaped its rewards, who don’t have time on their side yet have an undeniable desire to fulfil the soul contract they made with themselves.

A loud speaker to let you know that this is your golden era and your finest hour is yet to come.

A loud speaker to remind you that discomfort is in fact hugely constructive because there is hunger here.  

A loud speaker to welcome the appetite of hunger because hunger is devotional and urgency is legitimate.  

A loud speaker that honours who you already are and who you are to become, that recognises that miracles upon miracles are the offspring of this union.


For the past 10 years I have worked with people in the structure of a high touch Mastermind.  This has created life-changing shifts, friendships and so many ripples, more than I could ever have dreamt, and it will continue to do so.  

Yet I have a ‘capacity’ issue working 1 on 1.

To execute this new mission of being the loud speaker for those entering into their golden era I’ve chosen to offer an additional program – The Sacred Leaders Group Program.

Sacred leadership has no prejudice or preference as to how it is applied because Love knows no bounds.  Medicine, politics, law, family, money, community, business, philanthropy, the environment, AI, divorce, death, cancer, trauma, war, bankruptcy…..

Sacred leadership asks us to be the light where it does not exist or does not yet exist fully.  

Sacred leadership asks us to bring new perspectives that open us rather than have us contract into fear and impossibility.  

Sacred leadership asks us to create and innovate in service not only to the possibility but the reality of freedom, love, authenticity, connection, joy, peace, compassion, understanding and happiness regardless of its subject matter.

And because of our maturity this new era of sacred leadership is emboldening us to stand taller and shine our light brighter than we have so far given ourselves permission.

Sacred Leaders Group Program
Commencing 1 May 2024

Join myself and other sacred leaders to be ‘missioned up’ as you step into your new era of sacred leadership.

Give yourself 3 months, 6 months or 9 months to honour the recognition that a new era of sacred leadership is here, that this is your golden era, one that up until now has insisted upon patience, on undoing, on untangling, on creating space, on remembering and reforming so that this can be your finest hour.

Join me in the Sacred Leaders Group Program to

Who This is for

This is an on-line, accessible program aimed to gather those who have emotional, professional and spiritual maturity to be ‘missioned up’ because you have important work to do.

You might be well experienced, have created generous ripples and enjoyed the fruits of your labour.

Equally your leadership may not yet have made the impact you know you are here to make.

You might be standing tall, confident and free.  And you might also be shy, nervous and feeling trepidation.

Regardless of how you define your stature, you have made good progress whether that be in your family, business and community.  You have pride and appreciation for the level of responsibility you’ve taken, for the intuitive risks you’ve implemented and thus who you have become and accomplished.

And you are ready.

You’re ready to step into a new era of your sacred leadership.

You’re ready to take it to new significant heights.

You’re ready to accept this moment in time is your golden era and to squeeze every drop of potentiality and turn that into precious reality.

And you appreciate the extra riches that are found by communing and collaborating in a divine eco-system of peers and friends.

How the Sacred Group Program Works

We will come together on-line in group a minimum of two times per month with the third session being optional.

The first two sessions of the month will include meditation, teaching and process work so that you integrate the themes and premises of that month.

The third session will be an ‘open mike’ session for those who wish to share aspects of their sacred leadership, share inner wins and tangible wins and also ask for help.  

All sessions will be recorded for those unable to attend the calls.

Session times will be a mix of morning and afternoon times AEDT to best capture people in different time zones.

For those who value 1 on 1 coaching and mentoring with me in addition to group work, you’ll be able to upgrade to Option 2 “To the moon and back”.  Here you’ll have the opportunity to have 2 X 1 on 1 calls per month.

This Sacred Leaders Group will also be supported by a community of super coaches and facilitators that I have coached over many years.  Some of these include Breathwork Facilitator Extraordinaire Troy Methorst, Energy Alignment Practitioner Penny Patterson, A Course in Miracles Teacher Suzie De Jonge, Executive Coach & Medium Jennifer Mitchell, New Perspectives Mentor Natalie Simes, Facilitator Extraordinaire Jackie Baroni, Pranic Energy Healer Sami Howard and Vibrational Marketing Super Coach Gavin Howard….and many more truly remarkable facilitators that I will be calling on.

You can choose to join for 3, 6 or 9 months.  In the fee schedule you’ll see it’s advantageous for those who commit to the longer term programs.

Should you prefer to join for 3 months to begin with and then upgrade to a longer time frame you can easily do that.  See fee schedule for how that works.


Can people join after we’ve started 1 May?

Whilst this program begins 1 May this is an evergreen program meaning that it will continue rolling once the first 9 months are complete. That means you can join any time and not at the beginning of each new  9 month period.  I am in complete trust that when someone chooses to commence the program that the conversation of the program will be divinely timed for them.


Option 1 “Lift off” – Group only

Option 2 “To the moon and back” – Group + 2 X 1 on 1’s with me every month

3 months 

Option 1 “Lift off” AUD$6,600 paid in 2 instalments of $3,300

Option 2 “To the moon and back” AUD$10,500 paid in 3 instalments of $3,500

6 months 

Option 1 “Lift off” AUD$9,900 paid in 4 instalments of $2,475

Option 2 “To the moon and back” AUD$16,900 paid in 4 instalments of $3,380

9 months 

Option 1 “Lift off” AUD$13,200 paid in 6 instalments of $2,200

Upfront payment $11,880 (receive 10% off your fee)

Option 2 “To the moon and back” AUD$23,200 paid in 8 instalments of $2,900

Upfront payment $20,880 (receive 10% off your fee)


What happens if I choose the 3 month option and then wish to upgrade to 6 or 9 months?

If you decide to continue on, awesome!.  You’ll pay the difference + 15%.

Example: If you start with 3 months at the March early bird rate and wish to give yourself another 3 months, you’ll pay the difference $3,300 + $495.  If you’d like to upgrade to 9 months, you’ll pay the difference $6,500 + $975.

As you can see you’re rewarded for committing up front.

What happens when you have finished your first 9 months and would like to continue?

We will come together and decide what is best for you.  That may be going another round of the program, upgrading into the Sacred Leaders Graduate Group Program or for 1 on 1 work upgrading into the Untapped Abundance Mastermind (where you will also be able to participate in the Sacred Leaders Group or Graduate Program under the 1 Mastermind fee)

How do I register?

Simply click on the blue button that is right for you in the fee schedule above. It will take you to my Stripe account where you will be able to make your first payment or one up front payment

What happens once you've registered?

You’ll receive a coaching agreement for the Sacred Leaders Program for you to read and sign if all is well. This coaching agreement will also include a calender of group calls on zoom for the program you have chosen.

You’ll also receive a tax receipt accounted as ‘professional development’ so that you can claim this on your tax pending your country’s tax laws

Referral fees

My business has been built on the generosity of my clients referring me to their family, friends and colleagues.  For that I am very thankful.

I would be so thankful to you for sharing this program.  For every successful referral I will reduce your fee by $500 with much gratitude.

Together let’s witness and be witnessed as we are ‘missioned up’ in this new era of Sacred Leadership.

I am awed to have had the opportunity to work with you as my coach for almost the last 12 months. You have helped me to see myself more clearly. You have helped me to see the gifts I have to bring. You have helped me to understand how I can directly connect to realms that I did not know were possible for me.
Shari Elle